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NOT A TIMESHARE:  This is NOT a timeshare; you are an actual owner of the Penthouse, the Golf Cart, and all the toys that come with it. We curate the group of Partners that you co-own the assets with. This makes reselling your ownership interest much easier and more profitable than a timeshare. Also, Partners take better care of the assets since they own them.  


"Summer Season" = May, June, July, August

"Shoulder Season" = March, April, September, October

"Winter Season" = January, February, November, December

USAGE:  Your ownership entitles you to a certain amount of usage each year. The amount of usage is determined by how many partners there are.  For example: 6 partners = 1/6 of the year or 60 days of usage. Every November Partners host an annual zoom meeting to determine the schedule for the upcoming year. Partners may reserve all their usage days in advance, some in advance, OR the can be flexible and look at the internal calendar throughout the year and book trips as needed. This works great for all types of families, whether you are planners or more spontaneous! Partners may trade and reserve time as needed. 


PURCHASE PRICE:  The purchase price is a one time transaction to acquire fractional ownership of the assets. You own if forever. You may sell your ownership at any time, for any price, and all rights and usage transfers to the new owner.  


1. Partners pay an annual "SIM" fee. This covers:

     - Slip fees for the upcoming year

     - Insurance on the Penthouse and Golf Cart

     - Maintenance this is held in a reserve account to be used when needed.

These proceeds are collected and managed by the Partners and may be internally adjusted from year to year to match needs. 

2. Cleaning fee. To make your Penthouse stay clean, enjoyable, and hassle-free, when you are finished with your stay there is no need to clean it. Just like a hotel, you can leave and a cleaning crew will clean it so its ready for the next Partner. Cleaning fee will match local market rate (similar to an AirBnB).



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